Web Design Services

I challenged osca websites to help come up with a website and a SEM marketing plan to help those that have difficulty loosing weight or even keeping those pounds off. I personally have struggled for many years since giving up smoking and getting past the age of 30 I have become less active.

Website Preparation

I had a meeting with osca-websites and we sat down and spoke of a website layout, colours and how I wanted those clicks to make the most of my new website and be able to move around the website and i also thew mobile design to be fluid and easy to navigate around. Obviously cost was an important factor as budget was tight, so this was another area to be taken into consideration were the planning of the website was concerned. I had already prepared the content and images and it was then a case of putting it all together.

Website Creation

With all the content and images ready to go the website osca websites were soon in production which was initially created on a local platform for myself and the company to work together and make changes and amendments to make everything fit on the page.

Website Marketing

So before the new website went live we had a discussion on how the website could then be marketed, I have to say the knowledge displayed was of a high quality and given the years of knowledge I was suitably impressed. Given the website was new it would take some time to generate links and Google to take on the pages It was then decided that the route of creating a Facebook group page to share my experiences combined with google adsense ads to help generate income would be a great way to sustain interest from both myself and the users.

Website Live

Once I had viewed the website many times I was ready to go so I then asked Osca websites to go live with the website. They then created the web hosting and pointed the domain nameservers to their server and with 48 hours we were live and I'm so pleased with what they done.

Many thanks osca-websites