The 16 hour fasting for weight loss

My 16:8 Diet Journey - "The Start"

About Me

The date from which I started this is 01/01/2024, I am male and aged 51 and 17 stone 8lbs (246lbs) and its time for me to finally control my weight and i now want to share with you how I'm doing it.

Over the past 21 years since giving up smoking when I was 30 I put a lot of weight on and I seem to put it on so easy, 5 years ago I went on a 'fit for life campaign' that was set up by the government which put me on the road to recovery. Once that free 6 week course finished I joined my local gym and since then I found myself going there 3 to 4 times a week for nearly 2 hours to get the weight of to which I managed to get down to 15 stone 10lbs (220lbs) which I maintained for 3 years. Since 8 months ago getting to the gym became difficult and within months my weight has gone back on which has upset me as all the hard work has to start again, but I don't have that amount of time now to visit the gym.

Over the 3 years I had tried many different ways to try and skim some more weight of but I just could not do it, I have spent much time on websites researching help and advise and also watched loads of you tube videos.

What have I learnt?

I have taken on board lots of information, but I am left with more questions than answers, here are few:.

Eat little and often and this will help keep metabolism up and thus eat more.

Whilst I was doing this I spent so much time in the kitchen preparing food just in case I got too hungry during the day and being around food made me want it more, and who eats more food that there body needs and not put on weight?

HIT training - High Intensity Training

The idea of 'High Intensity Training' is to do as much as you can in short bursts that will increase heart rate and burn more fat, whilst doing I spent most of my remaining hours in the fridge trying to rebuild my energy sources. Being so over weight I am putting more pressure on my joints that just cant be healthy.

My doctor asked me to try the 'Palio' diet, similar to the 'atkins' diet...high protein, low carbohydrates and the idea is a high protein diet leaves more you feeling more satisfied and should get less hunger pains, but this didn't work either.

In short i have tried almost everything to keep weight of but nothing suited me till now, one fact that I learned and that is 'Calories in' must be less that 'Calories Out' to successfully loss weight.


So with this most important piece of information I am re balancing my life loosing weight without spending hours at the gym so follow me and read what and how I have done it 3 Months weight loss by harnessing the power of 16 hour fasting (16:8) diet.