3 months On & 2 Stone Lighter

I started on my new weight loss regime along with my wife, now we are normal in that we have our guilty pleasures as i'm sure you do to, ours is Indian take away, alcohol, crisps & chocolate and as much as it would be great if we didn't eat or drink this it just isn't going to happen and i don't want this to happen as treats are what make us humans tick.

Is fasting bad for you?

So lets get on with this, so calories in must be less than calories out, but how? The so called proper way to eat is lets assume that the average person wakes at 7 am and has breakfast, lunch at 12 & diner at 5 pm, the golden rule is that your not supposed to eat until 7 next day which is essentially 14 hours fasting. I have also been told that 80% of loosing weight is down to diet and 20% gym...So I have been doing it all wrong, im also sure that from the text above fasting cant be bad for for you can it?.

What am I doing different?

If I were to eat at 5 pm there is no way that I can go to the next day before eating as I'll just go to bed hungry and not sleep well, also worth noting that the human body is hard wired to deal with hunger pains and its something that you have to get used to if you want to get rid of that fat. Oddly enough that after a period of time you get used to the 16:8 diet and on accasions go longer that 16 hours of fasting.

Minimum 16 Hour Fasting

So I now have a 'window of eating time' which I can eat and that's from 4 pm - midnight, the reason I have done this is for me personally its easier for me not to eat than eat and not eat until a later time. By doing this eating window I don't go to bed hungry and I also manage to go nearly 18 hours without food and I don't feel hungry during the day. I would also like to note that I dont do physical work, I sit in an office tapping away on a computer.

Not only that if I decide have a bad day in terms of what I eat or drink, because it's a short window of opportunity its harder to go massively over the amount of calories that you should have eaten.

Since I started this in month 1 I did start with a no alcohol month but since then ill have a drink once / twice a week which Ill document in my food plan I have lost 2 stone (28lbs) and my wife has lost 1 stone (14lbs) , more importantly the benefits so far are:

  • 90 minutes a week at the gym 3 X 30 minutes
  • I'm NOT preparing food in advance of hunger
  • I have a new wardrobe of cloths
  • I'm not living in the fridge after a hard work out
  • I'm not tired after long workouts because I'm not doing them
  • If i really want a bad snack Ill eat it

I can honestly say feel like I have cracked it in terms of eating as we are eating so much better and not feeling like I'm living in the gym 24/7. My target is to get to under 15 stone (210 lbs) as my ideal weight with muscle density is 14 stone 4 lbs and at that point ill see my long lost 6 pack.

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