Exercise For Weight Loss When Fasting

I have been training for the past 5 years and never till now have I achieved my weight loss goals, exercise is very important for weight loss but it only counts for 20% whereas your food diet accounts for 80% so you bare this in mind when exercising

Previously i used to train for nearly 2 hours and I used to do cardio classes such as spin bikes, boxing, body pump that you may already know all about. I also used to train in the morning at 9 am as this is supposed to keep your heart beat up for the rest of the day. I have also spent 12 months in the weights area to build up muscle which still didn't work for me.

As you will have already read on other pages I have changed my eating window so I effectively fast from 9pm to 3pm next day, therefore to train at 9am would be silly as I cant eat so I have changed it to after 3pm. My whole goal is to loose weight, I am not an athlete so I have no need to train like one I also want be careful that I don't over train that will leave me hanging out of the fridge.

All I have been doing is going on the spin bike and I train for around 30 minutes at around 75% - 85% intensity, for those that have used spin bikes I do 60 seconds riding on the seat and 60 seconds out of it. As soon as I get to 30 minutes or until I feel my effort level drop i'm straight of the bike and out of the gym, however I like to spent some time in the spa.

That's it, gym done.