My End - Weight Loss

On a monthly basis Ill come back here and post how a month has gone and if I am reaching the weight I want to achieve.

Month 1

So my 1st month on the 16:8 diet plan, I wont lie its been tough but I feel so much better within my self I have been quite strict and no had alcohol or bad food and I have lost 10 lbs. The one thing I have made sure of and that is the 1st piece of food I have is as healthy as humanly possible but also being careful not eat too much and give the food time to go down.

The 18 hour fast has just become like riding a bike I don't even think about it, not food preps, the only time it has been a pain is when we have had guests stay over and 2 birthdays this month which has meant cake.

Month 2

Ok great, so another 8lbs gone this month, becoming more and more used to this way of life, i'm feeling fitter and healthier within myself. The only downside is the weekends during the day, I suppose because im more active with my family I want to eat earlier.

Month 3

wow, I have now lost 29lbs in 3 months, I still have along way to go but I can express how happy I am, I dont need to spent 2 hours a day in the gym and Im not hanging arounbd the fridge to see whats next to eat. I will however start some gentle weight lifting to help retain / build some muscle.

Happy, Happy :)

We are all human and diets dont always go according to plan but this has worked well for me as I dont see it as a diet its just spacing out your meals to avoid over eating.