Diet Preparation

For many years I have been in denial as I have maintained I don't eat & drink that much, well I must do as I'm overweight, I have visited the doctor on several occasions and I have taken many blood test's that have all come back clear. The facts are the facts and that if I want to loose weight then I have to change / tweak my lifestyle in order to turn that trend of putting on weight. We live in a world of readily available food and you don't have to go too far to feed yourself and for me i think food has become sweeter and packed with many more chemicals and calories than ever before which makes it harder to achieve.

Work Life

One thing I want to mention is what I do for a living, well I'm a web designer / developer so i spend a great deal of time sat on my chair and I work from home so Its even harder for me to loose weight.

3 words to succeed...Discipline, Discipline, Discipline for 18 hours Fasting

I have have worked hard to make sure I don't eat until 3pm and because I have now programmed myself to do this I now find it a breeze to fast for around 18 hours. The one thing I make sure of and that is that the first thing I eat have to be as healthy as possible and for Ill eat a small portion of what I feed my kids at around 4 pm. By eating really well for your first meal and giving it time to get to your stomach before you dive into your next snack it takes away that hunger and gives you more control over what your going to graze on next.

As I have said on previous pages my feeding time is 3pm to 9pm and I go a minimum of 16 hours before food, this fits in with my lifestyle perfectly so ill eat a small portion of food with the kids and quite often eat there left overs and then eat a main meal around 7pm and then again snack around 9pm if i am hungry.

I allow myself as much tea and or coffee as I want during the day and something that has helped is diet coke, it throws the body of track for a while.

If you decide to pick at foods..avoid anything that has over 3g of sugar in it per portion.

That is it lets now see the 7 day meal plan that we have been sticking too... Day 1