Meal Plan - Day 6 - Saturday - Treat Day

I look after my local curry houses social media and as treat they give us a take away every week, and do love a curry, but we have made some tweaks to this so that it doesn't hurt to much.

Take Away Night

We all know there are loads of calories in take away food if you make the wrong choices, our meal now is as followings:

  • Any starter
  • Lamb Bhuna
  • Lamb Jalfrezi
  • Boiled Rice (yes, half the calories than mushroom pilau)
  • 6 poppadoms with onion salad & mint sauce

We made some tweaks as we used to love the mango chutney but then when i found out the calories in that we don't have that no more..we also changed from mushroom rice to boiled rice as the calories are under half and oddly the dish tastes better. For the reminder of the night when we get peckish we will pick on the left over poppadoms and mint sauce.

Knowing that i am going to eat this meal we are tougher on ourselves during the day where food intake is concerned.

It's also worth noting that we will no doubt have a few drinks on a Saturday.