Meal Plan - Day 5 - Friday

Its Friday and this is where for most of us it all the hard work during the week can go downhill from here till Monday, so easier said than done but again not eating until 3pm counteracts bad behavior.

I allow myself as much tea and or coffee as I want during the day and something that has helped is diet coke, it throws the body of track for a while.

If you decide to pick at foods..avoid anything that has over 3g of sugar in it per portion.

Ribeye Steak & Chips

A tasty dish that will have around 600-700 calories per portion, fill your plate and enjoy


Prep Time 15 Minutes - Cook time 35 Minutes

Ingredients to feed 2 People

2 X Rump Steak
Chunky Chips
6 x Onion Rings
8 x mushrooms
5 cherry tomatoes
Handful ofPeas
salt, pepper, olive oil to season steak

Cooking Directions

Turn the oven on and preheat it to the recommended heat for the chunky chips, just get a small handful about 6 each will be plenty and these take around 35 minutes to cook, about 20 minutes in add the onion rings as they take around 15 minutes. Just before putting your onion rings in grab a small casserole dish and add the peas, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, again with the tops sliced to let the juice out and add this dish to the oven at the same time as the onion rings.

For the steak, place meat on your chopping board and season with salt,pepper & some oil. Now preheat your frying pan on a medium heat and there is no need to add oil as you have already oiled your steak. When the frying pan is hot enough add the steak for 4 minutes per side, don't keep playing with it just put it in and leave it for 4 minutes to turn over to cook for a further 4 minutes.

Server and enjoy.