Meal Plan - Day 4 - Thursday

I allow myself as much tea and or coffee as I want during the day and something that has helped is diet coke, it throws the body of track for a while.

If you decide to pick at foods..avoid anything that has over 3g of sugar in it per portion.

Turkey Steaks & Rice

A tasty dish that will have around 600-700 calories per portion, fill your plate and enjoy


Prep Time 15 Minutes - Cook time 20 hours

Ingredients to feed 2 People

4 x turkey steaks
Flavored Rice

Cooking Directions

This should be a straight forward dinner, however one tip i may give is turkey can be quite dry if its overcooked, however what i do is use a frying pan with a lid and put steaks in on a low heat and put the lid and this helps to keep the steak succulent.

Cook the rice as per packet details.